We Use Sports to…

  • develop and administer programs that strengthen the family unit
  • guide the moral, spiritual, educational, social and family achievement particularly of “at-risk”, minority and/or environmentally handicapped youth
  • provide assistance designed to insure the viability, sustainability and accountability of new and existing organizations that truly serve the community
  • further promote public awareness of the problems associated with the on-going cycle of crime, substance abuse,  institutional confinement, welfare, poverty, and community deterioration
  • promote the well-being and betterment of the community
  • sponsor activities and programs that provide benefit for persons and families in the areas of education,
    rehabilitation, mentoring and family intervention counseling
  • sponsor health related activities for youth, elderly, disadvantaged persons, at-risk and the general community  that enhances their quality of life
  • sponsor outreach programs that address many issues involving the low-wealth community such as drop-out prevention, job training and counseling, access to medical care, tutoring and increasing computer skills
  • promote and sponsor programs and forums that address all aspects of community development in the low-wealth community

Sports provide the diversity and the wherewithal to reach all people, but more specifically youth within urban areas. Therefore, sports serve as a golden anchor and tool in changing the lives of this population.

Sign Up for Our 2019 Sports Camps

This year we are offering two locations for our sports/STEM camp.  Each camp will offer a variety of structured activities designed to provide physical and mental growth and development.  You can enroll your child in:

July 22-26, 2019

8a – 4p

July 29-August 2, 2019

8a – 4p

Enroll Your Child Now!

Enrollment applications currently are being accepted.  You will be able to indicate the camp in which you want to enroll your child on the application.

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