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I founded MVP with the belief that Sport is major and active in the lives of so many around the world no matter what sport one prefers. Sport is a social institution and represents culture, that particular culture depends upon who, where, when and what; “who” represents parties participating, and “where” represents location, and “when” means the timing, and “what” lends to cause or purpose of the event. Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It can awaken hope where there was once despair.”

Please visit my blog weekly.  I will be discussing various topics and research relating to Sport economically and socially as well as its impact on the entire being of man (body, soul and spirit).

Sports and Spirituality

One of my passions is to connect my love of sports with my love for God. As I continue to post to my blog at, you will see that at times, I will make this connection. I welcome your comments.

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Running the course

Run your own course in life; the biggest and worse error one makes is comparing your life progress with another. There are far too many factors, variables and elements that would make that totally impossible and would simply breed, envy, jealously and strife. It's too...

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Case for Afterschool Programs

Although schools can help with reaching the nationally established goals for children’s physical activity, physical education (PE) has been given a low priority compared to academic subjects and has been reduced in many U.S. communities (National Association for Sport...

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