About Us

MVP Founder

Dr. Joseph Spears obtained his Ed.D. in Sports Management. His Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Christian Studies and Higher Education. He has held positions as a pastor, sport chaplain, adjunct professor of Sports Media and Entertainment, and teaching assistant. He currently serves as assistant professor of Sports Management at Bowie State University. All of his experiences have enabled him to hone his skills in leading and working with university faculty, staff, and parents, undergraduate, and graduate students in facilitating programs. Dr. Spears has presented at numerous professional conferences on topics related to the sports industry. His research interest centers around sports and its impact on the economy, religious institutions, their constituents, and stakeholders.

Dr. Spears believes that “spiritual fitness” is the solution to problems of today. It is his goal to see diverse individuals coming together from all walks of life, regardless of race, denomination, or economic status. He understands the need and importance of developing families and communities spiritually, socially and economically. To that end Dr. Spears utilizes sports as a framework to partner with other community organizations and leaders to provide educational and informational programs that promote the well-being of the entire community.  His sports background is long-distance road and trail running, biking, boxing and football. Through the use of sports he is actively involved in community and urban relations.

Dr. Joseph Spears Jr.

Our History

Men of Valor and Purpose (MVP) is a 501(C)3 grassroots group designed to help under-served individuals. The group is focused on providing services to empower people in areas such as education, and physical fitness. In 2011, the group determined that they would tackle the mounting difficulties faced in the Prince Georges county school system by working with children to increase their learning and cognitive capacity through participation in community based sports programs.

In 2007, MVP initiated a boxing mentoring program in Headland, Alabama. This effort was made possible with the assistance and partnerships of the Henry County School Board, Juvenile Court judge and many other local schools and stakeholders. MVP currently holds similar mentoring sessions in Daphne, Alabama and Maryland.

Support Team

Dr. Lynne Long

Dr. Lynne Long

With more than 40 years in urban public education, Lynne Long, has served as CEO and Founder of LongView Associates a consulting firm specializing in the design, development and deployment of programs that promote rigorous and relevant content, strategies, and organizational supports for those in the teaching and learning environment.

During her career, in the District of Columbia Public Schools, Dr. Long embraced formidable challenges in her quest to ensure high quality teaching and learning and instructional leadership. Beginning her career as a teacher, Dr. Long steadily rose to positions of increasing responsibility serving as: Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Division II, and Acting Chief Academic Officer. She retired as the Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Professional Development and Leadership.

Dr. Long is currently the Director of Field Experiences at Bowie State University. She coordinates early field experience and student teaching placements for teacher candidates within the College of Education. She establishes and maintains Interpersonal Relationships – Developing constructive and supportive working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time. Her passion is to make sure that the pre-service candidates that go into the teaching field from Bowie State are the best that can be offered to the children of this community.

Dr. Steve Conner

Dr. Steve Conner

Dr. Steve Connor is an author, speaker, leadership coach, and former NFL football player. He is the founder of Sports Outreach International, and has worked with athletes and sports organizations on every continent except Antarctica. His books have been distributed worldwide.

Dr. Connor in 1996, devoted himself to developing leadership and fraternity through the avenues of sports and competition. He works with youth and sports organizations in countries across the globe.