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Schedule for Thursday, August 13, 2020


10:00 – 10:20 General Session
Preparation for the Program
10:20 – 11:30 Virtual Tour and Scavenger Hunt @ the National Air and Space Museum
12:00 – 12:30 LUNCH
12:30 – 1:15 CLOSING PROGRAM


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The 2020 MVP Sports camp registration is available! This year we continue our STEM activities in partnership and sponsored by Ever Increasing Life Online & Councilman At-Large Calvin Hawkins. Click the button below to register your child(ren).

What Our Sports/STEM Summer Camp Offers

This camp is being held in partnership and sponsored by Ever Increasing Life Online & Councilman At-Large Calvin Hawkins.

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stem_kidsMen of Valor and Purpose (MVP) is a nonprofit that uses sport as a way to mentor young students, we will host a 2020 Summer Camp  which is being held in partnership with Ever Increasing Life Online & Councilman At-Large Calvin Hawkins.  The goal of the camp is to provide a demanding and competitive learning experience for youth.  The Camp seeks to inspire and to prepare the next generation of youth to live healthy lifestyles, and to develop positive characteristics that are necessary for success in life.

The 2020 Summer Virtual Enrichment Program is a 4 day long camp (from Monday to Thursday). The MVP Sports and STEM Enrichment program was designed to offer increased sports participation to elementary school students with the intent to prove the positive effects on academic, social and emotional well-being. Education has become a critical issue in this nation. Laws have been enacted to address this issue, such as; Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA). However, laws such as these have not been able to deal effectively with the growing problem.

The Summer Collaboration will include MVP, BSU students (Bowie State University) and Longview & Associates. Participates of elementary grades will learn how sports can involve interesting STEM related projects and activities. They will also see how sports can enhance the use of drones and STEM activities relevant in a variety of ways, such as: tracking weather, monitoring the velocity of a game, and observing climate change. Sports are much more than a physical activity outlet, they also present exciting and challenging real world STEM principles, like physics and aerodynamics, sports biomechanics and kinesiology, as it pertains to player performance. Moreover, many sports-related careers are STEM specific, including statisticians and sports therapists, among others.

This is a chance for your child to build relationships, develop teamwork and leadership attributes, and have a great time!


Percent of Children Physically Active Everyday


Percent Average Awake Hours Children Spend in Front of a Screen


Percent Total Daily Empty Calorie Intake by Children


Percent Children Living in Poverty Who Are Obese

Physical Activity

Kids Engaged in Physical Activity

Challenge for Schools

Although schools can help with reaching the nationally established goals for children’s physical activity, physical education (PE) has been given a low priority compared to academic subjects and has been reduced in many U.S. communities.

(National Association for Sport and Physical Education, 2006)

One Solution

After-school programs are viewed as an appropriate alternative setting for offering children the recommended amounts of 60 minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous levels of exertion. Currently about 7 million children attend after-school care in the U.S., with a demand of approximately 22 million.

(Afterschool Alliance, 2004)

(Strong et al., 2005)

I trust these counselors. I appreciate that I see the same faces every year in the counselors and the administration. These people love their “work”, their camp, and these kids.

Mrs. Kim

Fort Washington, MD

My child has always been treated fairly and with a tremendous amount of respect – that says it all.

Ms. Keisha

Temple Hills, MD

I like that it’s small and rustic, not so commercialized like many have become.

Ms. Jamie

Oxon Hill, MD

I like the variety of activities and the staff.

Mrs. Cheryl

Waldorf, MD